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It was alright when you first told me to stay. I had always wanted to push my luck far enough to be just standing on the edge. And that night, your offer was the edge. I was lingering too close to the end; torn between fleeing away and falling.

You poured me a beer. Not red wine; the last ones had always assumed I'd like red wine better. Then, you were singing. It sounded less like a song and more like screaming. When the sun finally came up, you wanted to sleep. You went and never came back. I saw your body slumped on the dining table we’d drank our beer on.

For just a moment, I was glad we’d swapped our glasses.

Such a thought provoking response. Thanks for reading :))

kids staring at a clock
kids staring at a clock
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History of Infinity

The concept of infinity was the one that had both philosophers and mathematicians perplexed. In modern times, infinity can be manipulated and used in calculations but Greeks approached it as a philosophical idea.

According to a The History of Infinity by Allen, Donald, Anaximander, a Greek philosopher might have been the first to record the idea of infinity. Apeiron he called it, which means unbounded or indefinite. This happened a long time ago. To put it into perspective, somewhere between 610 C to 546 BC.

It wasn't until the 17th century that Infinity found its way into Mathematics when then…

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a mini-story

The girls had finally arrived. both of them different from each other, both from places she didn’t quite know about. Places she couldn’t ever visualise.

One stared down at her, the other stood in the corner, awkward.

She had heard stories, had memorised them. Roommates were usually bad. Unpleasant. Would come back late in the morning, talk all night. Steal your money, your things. The girls out in the world were predatory. And out in the world she was, finally living on her own.

But these girls, both beautiful in their own way, didn’t at all look evil. …

Two candles with flickering flames
Two candles with flickering flames
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micro fiction

House smelled heavily of guilt. Of Smoke. I navigated my way through the hall, saw just a flicker of light coming from the slit and groped for the door handle. Found it. I twisted the handle, threw it open. More smoke in. It burned my lungs, boiled my blood.

I coughed.

My wife stood behind the flames, her back facing me. An enticing sorcerer in the dark. She looked too beautiful, black hugging her waist and the dress dancing around her body. Flames, but she ignited more in me.

“What are you doing love?” I asked.

Something changed in the air, something shifted. She tilted her head towards me, smiled. Her eyes gleamed.

She glided towards me and kissed my cheek.

“Nothing.” She whispered, but ashes smeared my cheek.

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She wished she could end it.

End the night, not just for herself but for those around her. It was doing her no good, staying up like this and that too alone, while everyone she was acquainted with danced with dance partners, with their lovers, with friends.

Leaving her alone.

She leaned back against the railing, her dress flowing down her legs, wind playing with it. Moon shone on her and all she could see in the moonlight was him. He too was alone, he himself was leaning, although against the wall.

And just like always, he looked handsome. Handsome…

A Short Story

The Room Un Numbered
The Room Un Numbered
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They’d been talking for a while now. Telling her all she would have eventually found out herself.

I stood next to her room and listened too, although what the girls were narrating was far more applicable to her than me. It’s not like I was being haunted.

1997. That’s where the story started, the girls told Cathy who looked very little and very pale even before they had gotten to the horrifying part. A girl not much different than ourselves had settled in Cathy’s room that year, enthralled to finally start studying medicine. Jules was her name. …

The Philosophy’s Practical Importance Today

Stoicism is an ancient philosophy which has its roots in Rome and Greek. While studying about it, care must be made to not confuse Stoicism with stoicism–which is defined as ‘endurance of hardships without the display of emotions or complaint’. Notice the use of capital S for the ancient philosophy, and lowercase s for the noun.

The three most sought-after Stoic philosophers are Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus; a Roman Emperor, a playwright, and a lecturer respectively.

Before we get to the philosophy of Stoicism, it’s is important we learn about these great men.

The Three Stoic Philosophers

Marcus Aurelius

“If it is not right, do not…


A brief introduction to Artificial Intelligence and the threat it imposes

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence, a term coined by John McCarthy in 1956, simply put is the ‘stimulation of human intelligence processes by machines ’. Source: TechTarget.

AI programming is based upon three cognitive skills; learning, reasoning and self-correction.

Where learning processes focus on acquiring data and devising rules (algorithms) to turn that data into actionable information, reasoning processes assure that ‘right’ algorithms are used to achieve the desired outcome. …

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